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      1. Welcome to the website of Hebei Shida Seal Group Co., Ltd.

        On behalf all staff at Hebei Shida Seal Group, I would like to thank all our suppliers, customers and friends who have encouraged and supported us over the past 30 years. We have made remarkable progress since 1983 when I first opened up a small factory processing rubber extrusions and have grown to be reliable and major player in automotive rubber sealing industry in China. Our rubber products are recognized by domestic and global users who care about quality and service. 

        Hebei Shida Seal Group insists on beliefs of collaborating with honesty and integrity with suppliers and customers to achieve our goals; ideas of continuous developing new products of uniqueness and precision;principles of scientific, systematic, and high-efficiency management and creating an atmosphere of showing respect for people and their expertise. 

        We position ourselves as an advocate of new technology and a problem solver of demanding requirements of customers. We have successfully adapted to industry trends, adopted advanced manufacturing lines and seized opportunities of serving automotive original equipment manufacturers.  

        The pursuit of excellence and exceeding customers’ expectations is deeply rooted in our business activities.We make every effort to ensure the best craftsmanship and maximize customers’ interests. 

        It is the spirits that helped us go through ups and downs, enjoy today’ rapid growth, and encourage us to embrace a bright future! 

        We will continue to strive forward and make leaps, and promise we will become a company representing the highest quality and a name customers can reply upon. 

        Thanks again! 

        All the best, Mr. Song Chunguang President Hebei Shida Seal Group Co., Ltd. 

        —Strive to become an attractive supplier of custom rubber extrusions and molded rubber products.

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